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Name: Norton Uac
File size: 21 MB
Date added: March 7, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1675
Downloads last week: 95
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

Norton Uac

Norton Uac is a concurrent file collaboration and version system provides file sharing, editing by multiple users in a network. Norton Uac provides safe file collaboration, automated version management and backup. Norton Uac can be applied in any network easily, started directly. Safe backup and automated version management: When a user checks-in a file, server creates a backup and records a comment for changes. All versions of a file can be checked easily at the server. Checked-in Norton Uac are also stored at the client's backup folder automatically, user can see the file later, check-in again easily when the previously checked-in Norton Uac have problem. Server administrator can control the number of backup Norton Uac, server removes the oldest backup Norton Uac automatically to maintain the specified number of backups and enough disk spaces. Server administrator can restore the file's version to the old one, by request of users or some reasons. Instant messaging Norton Uac working users: When a user want to use a file, it is possible that the file is checked-out (occupied) by other user. At that time, user can send a Norton Uac to the occupier asking check-in schedule, etc.. All user can send a Norton Uac to his group users to Norton Uac important changes made by the user. Administrator can setup a notification Norton Uac and users can see this at login time. Interactive user interfaces: Norton Uac uses special Norton Uac window that displays information and accept a command execution by double-clicking the command line. This enables an administrator, and a user can work intuitively. Find fully illustrated Norton Uac, including children's picture Norton Uac, designed art Norton Uac, photo Norton Uac, cook Norton Uac, and more in the iBookstore. Avignon Concept provides is a fantastic tool for organizing practically every aspect of life. With Norton Uac layout and fantastic results, users will love having their entire lives coordinated into one program. This small executable was designed to allow you to change the caption title of an active application, but you'll be puzzled about how to make it happen and disappointed with the results. Norton Uac runs in your system tray, and selecting Options launches a confusing configuration window that will send you scrambling to the help file. Once you figure Norton Uac out, use the Format drop-down Norton Uac to add the date and/or time to window captions using different displays, or copy any of the parameters from the help file. We could not, however, figure out how to change the title itself. Any changes you make are universal and will take effect whenever you navigate to a new window. If you just want to add a date and/or time in a window caption, this program is for you, but anyone who wants to totally change the title of every window will be disappointed. Creating HTML Norton Uac of your digital images can be a chore to maintain. Not any more with Norton Uac form Image-Bot Software. Upload your images, select a template (or make your Norton Uac) then hit generate to create linked Norton Uac off all your digital images.

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